Since the start of the global pandemic, business organizations have been taking critical steps to protect their employees while sustaining productivity and keeping their operations going through the implementation of a work-from-home system and other relevant measures. The quick adaption to the current scenario has been quite impressive.

However, continuous support for the employees during this crisis is vital for a company seeking to ensure the well-being of its staff members. Internal communications, or an employer’s interaction with its employees, led by a management that genuinely empathizes and inspires are crucial to building this support.

For starters, when communicating with your staff, observe transparency at all times. Remember that your employees will appreciate it more if you are honest and straightforward with them. With that said, however, make sure that you show empathy and you remain understanding and compassionate, especially now when the pandemic has already taken a toll on the physical and mental health of some of your staff.

Equally important is considering what channels to use when engaging with your subordinates. To establish credibility and security in your communication platforms, only utilize the trustworthy ones.

Part of reassuring your teams is always keeping the communication lines open, allowing them to have easy access to the latest information and providing them with a safe space to air their issues. Constant communication is significant as well to avoid any misunderstanding.

If, as an employer, you are forced to let go of some of your staff members as a result of the pandemic, keep in mind that honesty is vital. Communicate clearly with them, while showing genuine sympathy. Find ways to encourage and assist them if you can as they look for new opportunities. More importantly, let them know that you are not closing your doors to the possibility of inviting them again to work for you once the organization has recovered.

Further, the COVID-19 crisis should not stop any organization from continuously providing its staff with opportunities to grow professionally. While it takes a certain amount of creativity and innovation to pull one through given the present set-up, it’s still feasible to provide them with a platform where they can upgrade their skills.

There are other ways to provide employees with the needed support during the crisis and it takes ingenuity and commitment to deliver this.